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Lately, the worldwide absence of ability has become the principal blocker for Western ventures. As of May 2022, 7 out of 10 American organizations have previously conceded that they need experts to maintain their business processes [1]. The labor force lack issue fundamentally influences the IT business too. As per the US Bureau of Labor, by 2030, the interest for CS experts will develop by 13%.

All in all, where might you at any point find qualified IT experts that will get a sense of ownership with your answer’s turn of events? A potential way out of the ability emergency is offshoring improvement administrations to Eastern Europe, one of the world’s well-known re-appropriating objections. In this article, we will outline the present status of the tech market in the locale and diagram a representation of a typical programming designer from Eastern Europe.


Seaward programming improvement means expanding your group with IT specialists from far-off areas. While offshoring, organizations can staff ICT experts overall and arrive at tech ability with skills inaccessible in their country. In any case, why seaward your product improvement to Eastern Europe instead of searching for tech experts in different objections? We recorded the vital benefits of banding together with the Eastern European designing group:

· Admittance to a talented labor force. Eastern Europe is perhaps the most extravagant district on the reevaluating map regarding ability accessibility. As indicated by the ABSL, the region is home to more than 1M of tech-trained professionals. Also, designers from Eastern Europe give fantastic design administrations: EE nations scored high places in the expertise assessment rankings. For example, Ukraine positions sixth in the Top Coder research that surveys the designers’ innovation procurement. Simultaneously, its nearest neighbor, Poland, shuts the Skillvalue top 3 of the nations with the best IT administration quality.

· Fast and effortless task send-off. Grasp records more than 200 medium-sized and huge design organizations in Eastern Europe. As opposed to little sellers, more prominent organizations have enhanced improvement processes and accessible assets to scale. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics — the typical chance to enlist in the US is 33 days for the IT business. While collaborating with an offshoring merchant from Eastern Europe, you will want to set up the venture within a more limited period because of higher ability openness.

· Social similarity. Because of globalization, Eastern European nations coordinate with Western business morals. While taking care of business with an accomplice that has comparable qualities, you limit the gamble of miscommunication at work.


1. Programming engineers in Eastern Europe: the broad ability pool

The ability limit of your actual capacity to re-appropriating an objective is a vital perspective to consider. In these terms, Eastern Europe is an appealing choice — the area is home to a broad ability pool of 1.1M ICT subject matter experts. With more than 490,000 of them dwelling in Poland, the nation is the EE chief regarding the ability to work computerized. The joint ability pool of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia comprises over 275K ICT workers.

The offshoring objective flaunts a vast ability pool of gifted engineers. The number of programming designers in Eastern Europe is generally assessed at 580K. Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic are the areas with the most significant quantities of experts giving programming advancement administrations.

2. Multi-layered tech specializations of Eastern European designers

Offshoring to Eastern Europe permits you to get to tech specialists of all specializations and capability levels. The neighborhood work market is different, so you will want to find a contender for an overseeing or specialized job in your group rapidly. As per LinkedIn, over 20,000 Technical Leads in the locale have mastery in driving designing undertakings. Besides, Senior experts make up a significant portion of designers in Eastern Europe. There are north of 40,000 Senior Software Developers in the district.

Many programming engineers in Eastern Europe have mastery of cloud administrations and DevOps. Around 40K of EE engineers are knowledgeable in the arrangement of the executives, foundation computerization, and cloud reception. 33% of the area’s DevOps specialists live in Poland. Ukraine and Romania follow the country with ability pools of 9,000+ and 5,000+ DevOps designs individually.

Likewise, Eastern Europe is wealthy in ICT specialists that have insight into the project, the executives, and the item proprietorship. The objective is home to more than 69K of Project Managers that are specialists in project arranging, execution assessment, and documentation of the executives.

3. Broad mastery scope of designers in Eastern Europe

Regardless of what innovation stack you expect for your venture, Eastern European designers have the mixed ability to cover your necessities. As per LinkedIn, we should investigate the far and wide advances utilized in the locale. JavaScript — is the most famous programming language in Eastern Europe, used to carry out web applications. The locale’s ability pool of JavaScript engineers counts over 270K programming designers. The most important centers of JavaScript specialists are situated in Ukraine and Poland.

The second most famous stack in Eastern Europe is Java. Over 240,000 designers utilize the innovation to fabricate web servers, portable applications, implanted frameworks, and different arrangements. Ukraine, Romania, and Poland are the top three nations with the most excellent Java ability pools. The last option is the EE chief regarding designers gifted in the innovation: over a portion of the neighborhood ability pool code with the Java stack.

Python shuts the best three of most normal advances among designers in Eastern Europe. Each 6th tech expert in the district knows Python. Alongside Ukraine and Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are different nations that house most Python engineers.

Besides, information the board specialists make up a significant piece of the Eastern European ability pool. As per LinkedIn, the area brags over 100K information-related experts altogether. You might find help with any information-related projects in Eastern Europe: engineers seaward information warehousing, information examination, distributed computing administrations, and that’s just the beginning. Also, Eastern Europe houses around 80K of information researchers.

4. High English level among engineers in Eastern Europe

English capability is a fundamental part of fruitful intercultural collaboration. Eastern European engineers have decent information on English and successfully use it in corporate correspondence. EE nations succeed in the EF EPI positioning of English capability. Romania and Poland are the district’s chiefs arriving at the sixteenth and seventeenth situations on the rundown. Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic likewise enter the leading 30 of the rating, with a typical degree of English assessed as high. ICT experts in Moldova and Ukraine have moderate information on the language. As per DOU, most engineers in Ukraine have middle and upper-halfway levels, which is enough for viable corporate correspondence. In addition, tech specialists in Eastern Europe approach language courses that assist them with propelling their English abilities. Accordingly, Ukraine has placed nine situations on the EF EPI list beginning around 2019.

5. Schooling opportunities for programming engineers in Eastern Europe

The unique instructive foundation sets the establishment for nonstop labor force increment and lively industry advancement. Eastern Europe flaunts numerous specialized colleges and solid STEM schooling. AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland), Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine), and Babes-Bolyai University (Romania) are just a portion of the noticeably advanced education foundations that offer CS programs. Numerous colleges that give tech-related courses, like Warsaw University of Technology and Lviv Polytechnic National University, have come to the best 700 of the Times Higher Education Ranking (2022).

The number of ICT understudies in Eastern Europe is generally assessed at 290K. Ukraine houses 40% of the locale’s software engineering understudies. With 26,000+ CS understudies getting their certification yearly, the nation is the forerunner in the number of tech course graduates. In these terms, Romania and Poland follow Ukrainewith more than 12,000 and 8,000+ alumni.



Poland has quite possibly the most steady economy in Eastern Europe, which pursues the country an appealing decision for the venture. Because of the positive financial climate, numerous product advancement organizations exist in the nearby market. As of May 2022, Clutch records 970+ Polish design sellers. The vast majority of the country’s ICT experts are associated with IT projects for internet business, money, and buyer items spaces.


Ukraine is a massive center of Eastern European designers applying their design skills to back, medical care, and land enterprises. Over recent years, Ukraine has procured a standing as one of the most encouraging Eastern European reevaluating objections. There are 870+ programming advancement merchants in the country. What’s more, neighborhood IT experts keep on conveying amid battle: up to 90% of Ukrainian engineers have proactively continued work on their activities.


One more area houses an impressive number of Eastern European programming engineers in Romania. The primary business vectors among Romanian designers are a web-based business, instruction, medical care, and telecom. As per Clutch, there are 340+ IT sellers in the country.


The Bulgarian government has made extensive attempts to draw in additional interests in the neighborhood market. Bulgaria is home to more than 170 designing merchants who spend significant time conveying tech arrangements for assembling, money, and web-based business areas. Thus, numerous worldwide enterprises like HP, Oracle, and VMware have opened R&D focuses in the country.

Czech Republic

The most famous venture administrations in the Czech Republic are finance, web-based business, media communications, and car. Neighborhood designers generally utilize JavaScript, Java, and PHP stacks for their tasks. With everything taken into account, there are over 100 IT re-appropriating organizations in the country.


The tech business may be the quickest developing area in the Hungarian economy. As of May 2022 — there are 100+ tech organizations on the neighborhood market. 25% are a fair size and enormous organizations that utilize north of 250 Eastern European designers. The pivotal ventures adjusted by Hungarian sellers are money, medical care, and broadcast communications.


Slovakia has dramatically helped its design potential since joining the EU in 2004. In 2021, the nation showed up in the 44th situation in the Bloomberg Innovation rating. Besides, Slovakia has gained notoriety for its top-notch neighborhood designing administrations. The neighborhood market has north of 50 designing sellers that give IT reevaluating administrations. As per the Skillvalue, the nation is a worldwide forerunner regarding programming abilities.


There are 50+ programming advancement ventures in the Moldavian market, around 20 of which staff over 250 workers. Moldavian designers have significant involvement with conveying answers for a web-based business, purchaser items and administrations, and money enterprises.

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